Transcontinental race No5 – 2/5

31/7/2017 Germany – Schloss Lichtenstein to Garmisch Partenkirchen
I am not in a hurry, in the morning I pay for breakfast and charge my phone. My stage takes me to the beginning of the Alps. Perhaps the part I enjoyed the most, maybe because I haven´t done too many kms that day. I haven´t really decided to stop somewhere near Garmish, but my chain did. I have to take out bent link and shorten my chain. Always when I stop during the night I realize how tired and sleepy I start to be. No, not going further, lets have a power nap.
1/8/2017 Germany, Austria, Italy – Garmish to Trento
Five hours of beautiful unconsciousness, so much for 20 minutes power nap, still needs some improvement here.
First village in Alps and I buy perhaps the most expensive chain for MTB in central Europe, that I will later put on my road bike. Never mind, at least the speed fits. Descent to Innsbruck brings some challenges as the road is to steep and therefore banned for bikes. Luckily there is a forest path, about same steepness and covered with rocks, much safer way around. Later comes another cock up like that and I take forest single track to get down on the normal road. Last pub in Innsbruck before Brenner pass, burger, chain change, another non alcoholic beer as a punishment for poor route planning and here I come Italy!
Long descent to Trento starts by taking bike path and climbing some additional meters on my way down. No, screw this, I am going on the road. Bolzen, cake and coffee in Brixen, Trento in late night hours and a little climb to Civezzano where I discover in my gps a symbol for a well or a stream and there it is, right behind a shaded bank next to a church with a view on the whole village a water tap. Hmm, sounds like late shower. Completely naked, standing there and looking at the village, splashing one bidon of cold water after the other all over myself like I was getting baptized. As usually I will have just a short power nap.

2/8/2017 Italy – Trento to Spilimbergo
About 90 km to 2nd checkpoint goes around the lake and than continue on one of the nicest bike paths I have ever done. Grass is like on the golf course, tarmac is smooth and there is crystal clear stream next to it. CP 2 is busy, I make rather long break there, wash my base layer, go with other racers for some spaghetti and after some 2 hours I start to climb second parcour to Mt. Grappa. Here I realize how stupid I was, going whole night would take me to CP in the morning hours and I would climb up there in the morning, not at 2:30 pm in the biggest heat. First couple switchbacks is not possible to hide from the sun, I am overheating but after some 3,5 hour struggle, crowned by a puncture in last meters I got there. Fixed the tire, had a chat with others at the top and lets catch up with some mileage because I had only 100 km at 5 pm that day. Ended up behind some little village by another church with some animal noises in the corn field, I was to tired to investigate.

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